Hope and Love DV Inc.

A Domestic Violence Awareness And Homelessness Prevention Organization

About Us

In 2015, Founder, Starlene "Star" Evans established Hope and Love Inc. Hope and Love Inc is a non-profit organization, here to support women, men and children victims and to make hope alive again. We strive to teach women to break the silence, tell their stories, learn more about domestic violence awareness and spread the word to others.

We understand the difficulties in telling our stories. We understand the amount of courage it takes. But you are not alone, Hope and Love Inc is here to help.

Star (Founder)

Call/Text: 1(347)430-1719

Email: hopeandlove5@yahoo.com

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Star's Story

I am a survivor of domestic violence. From the age of 10 to 18 years old I was abused by my stepfather and my mother allowed it. Some days I felt like I was going to die. When we moved from New York to Virginia the abuse had only gotten worse for me and my younger sisters. So this is why I started my own organization, so that i can help other women, children and men. Thank you for taking part in this movement and supporting the cause.